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On Tuesday 06 September 2005 10:48 pm, William Trenker wrote:
> On 9/5/05, Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> > i plan to (eventually) include an
> > expiration time on the session record, and every now and then traverse
> > the table and just purge the old records.
> Out of curiosity, how do you plan to handle the "every now and then"?
> Are you thinking of some sort of timer?

yep, andre and i discussed a bit how to do timers on lua after your original 
question about that.  we didn't produce any code, but agreed that it's easy 
enough to do it with Copas tasks.  i really don't remember the details...

ok, i cheked my mail archive.  basically we agreed that the code i sent to the 
list wasn't too far from usable, but didn't have enough interest to really 
try it.  did you get to build your cron-like server?


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