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Glenn Maynard wrote:

>> That storing was an internal detail of luaL_newmetatable to support
>> the way luaL_checkudata worked. Now luaL_checkudata has a different
>> implementation and does not need that.

> It was behavior documented by PIL 28.2, not just an internal detail.

Did I miss the reason for this change in 5.1? I haven't even started
playing around with 5.1 because I want the dust to settle first.

My libraries (5.0.2) rely on the documented behavior of
luaL_newmetatable() and luaL_getmetatable(). I don't currently use
luaL_checkudata(), mostly because of ignorance (I thought it threw an
error, not just returned NULL). I'll replace them if necessary, but what
is the new way to associate a type name with a metatable?


Doug Rogers - ICI - V:703.893.2007x220