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Richard Ranft wrote:
I guess what they meant was "Windows 3.1.1"....

Of course, that's what I tried to express :-)

I still have my original copy of Win 3.11, two copies of 3.1, a copy of DOS
5.0 on 5.25" and a copy of DOS 6.22 (again, probably meant 6.2.2 - lol)
floating around somewhere.  Too bad nobody releases DOS drivers for anything
anymore - I'd love to go back and play a few of those old games!

Well, if you still have a usable 5.25" floppy disk unit... Reminds me of helpdesk horror stories where the user either try to fold the floppy disk to fit it in a 3.5" unit, or just cut it with scisors. Then, they call to ask with this doesn't work. Now, new computers doesn't even have 3.5" disk units, anyway, perhaps remove cover and put on DVD-Rom unit...

Beware, your disks may be unreadable as well, as were most of my
Apple ][ disks when I dusted it off some years ago. Only Robot Odyssey was usable, an excellent game... Note that if you can read them, and has the right driver, most of them are unusable because going much too fast (clock based animations...).

And if really you are so nostalgic, I guess you can find most of them in legacy game sites, adapted to modern OS or playable on an emulator.

Sorry for drifting.

Me too...

Yet, they goofed, releasing a Windows 3.11 (for Workgroups) after 3.1,
without versions 3.2, ... 3.10.
It probably didn't helped against the confusion.

Uh? What does this quote does at the bottom of the message? :-(

Two signatures on the topic, that I collected because they are good:

A: Top posters.
Q: What is one of the most annoying things on Usenet?

A. Because it makes conversations really hard to follow.
Q. Why is top-posting considered antisocial?

... No comments. =o)

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