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David Burgess wrote:
> 	"?.dll;"  LUA_CDIR"\\?.dll;" LUA_CDIR"\\loadall.dll"
> This is not the best default. The first call to LoadLibrary() will
> make an unqualified call to LoadLibrary() using the Win32
> search strategy(not good and slow). e.g.  LoadLibrary("my.dll")

Doesn't ".\\?.dll" work? This would be analogous to the way
the POSIX variant avoids a (useless and dangerous) path search

> The point of the module directory idea was to provide a fully
> qualified path(quick).

Yes. And while I'm at it ... why are Lua modules searched in the
Lua path _and_ the C module path? This is a regression from 51w6.
Especially since Lua modules are searched first.

Doing it this way will only encourage sloppy module authors
to install everything in the C module directories. This of
course breaks mixed-architecture installations (I already
explained that this is more relevant than ever due to mixed
x86/x64 systems).

> I believe the above define should be:
> 	LUA_CDIR"\\?.dll;"  "?.dll;"  LUA_CDIR"\\loadall.dll"

IMHO if ".\\?.dll" works (I haven't tried) then this should
be in front. Otherwise you can't override an installed module
with one in the current directory.

> PS.
> my preference is also to change
> #define LUA_CDIR	"!\\dll"
> to
> #define LUA_CDIR	"!"

Ok, this would mirror the standard way most Windows programs
are installed: all EXEs and DLLs in one directory. It's all
about following system conventions ...


#if defined(_WIN32)
#define LUA_LDIR        "!lua\\"
#define LUA_CDIR        "!"
        "?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"?\\init.lua;"
        ".\\?.dll;"  LUA_CDIR"?.dll;"  LUA_CDIR"loadall.dll"
#define LUA_ROOT        "/usr/local"
#define LUA_LDIR        LUA_ROOT "/share/lua/5.1" 
#define LUA_CDIR        LUA_ROOT "/lib/lua/5.1"
        "?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"/?.lua;"  LUA_LDIR"/?/init.lua;"
        "./?.so;"  LUA_CDIR"/?.so;" LUA_CDIR"/"

[Plus the "!" substitution fix with strrchr that includes the
last backslash.]