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> Lua 5.1 (alpha) is now available for testing at

Great!  Two minor issues that I encountered:

1.  luaconf.h contains the lines
      #define LUA_API __declspec(__dllexport)
      #define LUA_API __declspec(__dllimport)

    I guess that the __declspec options "__dllexport" and
    "__dllimport" are for backward compatibility only.  MSDN only
    mentions "dllexport" and "dllimport".  For example, lcc-win32 does
    not support them (didn't check Borland CBuilder yet).

2.  If getn/setn support is disabled (i.e. LUA_COMPAT_GETN is not
    defined) then the declarations of luaL_getn and luaL_setn in
    lauxlib.h should be omitted, e.g. like:

      #ifndef luaL_getn
      LUALIB_API int (luaL_getn) (lua_State *L, int t);
      LUALIB_API void (luaL_setn) (lua_State *L, int t, int n);

    Otherwise, when building a DLL, these symbols are declared for
    export but nowhere defined.  At least the lcc-win32 linker chokes
    on this.  Did not check VC or BCB yet.