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> I'm asking because I'm new to the Lua release cycle.  Would you mind
> briefly highlighting your release cycle policy for the benefit of all
> of us who are new to this list?

Sure, sorry about that. Here it is:

When we start working on a new version we periodically release `work'
versions, which are merely snapshots of the current development. Work
versions contain no documentation because the version under development
is still a moving target. When this target stops moving, it's time for
an alpha version and this carries documentation. There may be bugs in
the code, in the installation, in the docs. But an alpha version looks
like the final version. No external changes are planned, unless bugs are
found. Internal changes may still be made. When we're satisfied that
there are no bugs and we're satisfied with the internals, then it's time
for a beta version, which will shortly become the final version, if no
problems are found.