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I've been a little slow in working on this (http:// But on the other hand it's still probably another week or so before the people running the shootout update the stats. So no blood, no foul...

I have submitted 7 revised benchmark programs that Mike Pall put together. When the stats do get updated we should see an improvement in Lua's standings as the new versions have a fair amount of speed improvement.

Currently I am working on implementing benchmarks that do not have Lua versions. This, too, should improve Lua's standings (even if I do a mediocre job :)

If anyone is interested in pitching in, send me an email. I've been meaning to put together a website where people can track these things, but I haven't had time yet.

As far as getting Lua listed with a PLEAC entry (http://, I've started putting together an entry and will submit it soon. You can email me about this task as well if you're interested.