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Won't this do what he wants?

function TableSize(t)
   local i=0
   for k in pairs(t) do i = i + 1 end
   return i


steffenj wrote:

hmmm, quick and dirty solution:

local count = 0
table.foreach(table, function(i, v)
	-- don't count numerical indices:
	if type(i) == "string" then
		count = count + 1

but it's definetely better to use a metatable and count all the string
indizes when values are assigned to table indizes

i haven't used metatables so far but the basics are to check, on assignment,
wether the index is a string and wether the value is nil (delete index) or
not (new index) and based on that, update a counter in the table

i hope someone else can give an example...

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Betreff: Size of a non numerical indexed table

Well, I think that the subject tells my question!

If it's a numerical indexed table, I can use
table.getn, but if the table is indexed by names, how
to get it's size?


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