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> Eric Scouten wrote:
> > ...
> >> You're all nuts. In APL this would be:
> >>
> >>     !@j$#i?k>"i = %d, j = %d, k = %d"@
> >>

> > 
> > Besides... you probably don't have the right keys on your
> keyboard to
> > type the right code... ;-)
> Good point. In fact, forget about these newfangled computer screens. 
> To program APL you will need an IBM selectric terminal with your own 
> APL typeball. Now THAT was programming :-)

I noticed the smiley... Nevertheless I'll have to chime in... How happens
that I and 15 of my colleagues program daily in APL without feeling the need
for an IBM selectric terminal with our own typeball? ;) APL has moved a long
way since... 
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