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Rici Lake wrote:

On 27-Aug-05, at 10:44 PM, Chris Marrin wrote:

If I found this acceptable:

    local a = SFBoolean(true)
    if a == SFTrue then...

then all would be well. But I don't. Even these two:

    if a == true then...
    if a:valueOf() then...

which both work after I made my "fix" to __eq, is not acceptable to me. It has to be:

    if a then...

so I will have to make the change to the VM.

Now you're just being stubborn :)


By the way, I checked the 5.1work6 code. It still insists that objects have the same (lua) type in order to be compared, so it won't do what you want. It would be easy-ish to change the check to "same metamethod" with a little jiggling.

Yes, this is essentially what I have done to __eq, __lt and __le.

I haven't tried any of that, and I'm don't think I like it. I would certainly want to have an non-overridable object equality primitive in the language ('is' '===' or however you spell it).

Agreed. But for the rarity of its use. I would not consider it critical that it were a language primitive. I would find something like:

    if a.isSameObjectAs(b) then...

to be perfectly acceptable. Many of these "simplicity" requirements don't come from my twisted brain, but from those of my collegues who are heavy non-programmer advocates. For them, there are really two classes of authors. Those who really need to be able to write obvious scripts without giving much thought to the underlying mechanisms. To them, SFBoolean is a boolean primitive so there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't be able to test it in an if statement. Then there is the class of authors who need to squeeze more out of the language. These folks are the ones to create new classes for the other authors to use. So they can dig in and understand more so they can, for instance, figure out the difference between testing to see if the values of two objects are the same and testing to see if the objects are the same. We have the "keep simple things simple, and make complicated things possible" philosophy.

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