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On Aug 27, 2005, at 16:36, Mike Pall wrote:

Interesting. Looks like many programmers (when new to Lua or
to its ancestor languages) experience the same learning curve.

I would guess that the same applies to any/most new languages one tries to learn, no?

8. object equality vs. object identity.

Doesn't the __eq metamethod cater to both?

9. OO vs. closures.

Why would that be a 'versus'? OO provides an organizational principle. Closures, a nifty encapsulation mechanism.

10. complexity vs. simplicity.

Hmmm... yes... well... I still have to see that famed simplicity manifest itself in anything more ambitious than diminutive code snippets. Where is that full fledged, killer Lua application lurking?

5a. implicit super vs. explicit super.

I was kind of hoping that someone would point out a cunning way to have it both ways :))

- Yield from everywhere.

Hurray to that!


PA, Onnay Equitursay