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Good list.

On 27-Aug-05, at 9:36 AM, Mike Pall wrote:

My personal there's-got-to-be-a-better-way list for Lua
is pretty short nowadays (thanks to Lua 5.1):

- Yield from everywhere.

I'm starting to think that yield is hiding an ambiguity. The fact that you cannot use yield to both implement control-inversion and thread-scheduling independently makes me wonder if there isn't some better way.

- Explicit finalization.


- Standardized module installation.


- Userdata type checks.

I think this can be accomplished easily now that userdata have both "class" and "instance" tables, although I think the mechanism could be improved slightly.

- Better Lua/C API (something for 6.x).

It would have to be even simpler than the current one, which is a challenge.

And a few minor issues with out-of-the-box behaviour:

- Hex numbers (parser + luaO_str2d with strtol fallback for non-C99)


- Missing bit operations (math.*)

I'd put bit operations in string.*, not math.*. We can argue about this after 5.1 comes out.

- xpcall()
- package.cpath (as of 51w6)
- Makefile (OS detection, -ldl or not, creating module dirs etc.)
- lua_Number (support for types other than double)

Agreed with all the above.