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Philippe,  gets one line from the current file, or standard input.

I am now using string.sub(aline,1,1) and string.sub(aline,1,2) to be sure I only check the first and second characters of the string aline... still it does not detect "&" or "&&"


I have put "local aline" at the beginning of the outermost loop, that did not fix it either.

I am printing out the substring of aline...

print(">" .. string.sub(aline,1,1) .. "<")

and I get:


So aline has the character I am looking for,  is == valid with strings?

I have also tried testing with '&' and enclosing the test in parens like C

if ( string.sub(aline,1,1) == "&") then....

I am using Lua 5.0.2....

Thanks for your help so far...