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When testing LuaSQL with SQLite the following line is a false assertion:

<in test.lua: line 76>
assert2 (nil, ENV:connect ("/unknown-data-base"), "this should be an error")
</in test.lua: line 76>

This is because SQLite happily creates 'unknown-data-base' at the root level,
if you have appropriate permissions. In Windows it will create the file in C:\
and this assertion will be triggered falsely.

Ok with that out of the way, I have a question. I am using Lua-work6 and I want
to build LuaSQL as a DLL with SQLite, MySQL and ODBC all in the same DLL. What
this means is that the LuaSQL.dll would export:

Now if someone requires("luasql.sqlite") how would I direct the mechanisms to
look for that package in LuaSQL.dll?

Currently the approach I am taking is to have sqlite.lua, mysql.lua, odbc.lua
stub files. As an example here is how sqlite.lua looks:

<lua code>
-- Lua stub to load SQLite binding on: require('sqlite') ---
local function path() 
	if _DEBUG == true then 
		return "LuaSQLd.dll" 
		return "LuaSQL.dll" 

local fn   = "luaopen_sqlite";
assert(loadlib(path(), fn))()
</lua code>

But I remember reading a post sometime ago stating that with the new package
proposal that is being discussed, stub files will not be needed. I am wondering
how that can be so?

-- v.a