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On 18-Aug-05, at 6:26 PM, Aaron Brown wrote:

Keith Pimmel wrote:

I try anchoring it with the following

_,_,last = string.find(str,'(^\n]*$)')

which produces

Try this:

_, _, last = string.find(str, '([^\n]*)$')

Lua (for some reason) doesn't like anchors to be inside

That will suffer from two problems:

First, if the string ends with \n, it will return an empty string, probably not what was desired.

Second, it will be much slower than you might like; the pattern will be attempted at every character position in the string.

If you knew that the string did not end with a \n, and that there was always at least two lines (or that the string did start with a \n), this would be quite a bit faster:

   string.find(str, '\n([^\n]+)$')

but I suspect that Shannon's for loop using string.gfind is actually the best solution.