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On Aug 15, 2005, at 21:44, Florian Berger wrote:

I thought that stripping HTML tags was easy until I saw something like this:
<a href=""; alt="> example"> example </a>

Argh! Nasty, nasty HTML! 8^)

Perhaps you could try LUXMLInputStream:

Usage example:

local aContent = "<a href=\"\"; alt=\"> example\"> example </a>"
local anInputStream = LUXMLInputStream( aContent )

for  aType, aText, aName, someAttributes in anInputStream:iterator() do
        if aType == LUXMLInputStream.Text then
                print( aType, aText )
        elseif someAttributes ~= nil then
                print( aType, aName, someAttributes )
                print( aType, aName )

> 1       a       { href = }
> 3       example"> example
> 2       a

Or if you simply want the textual part:

for aText in anInputStream:iterator( true ) do
        print( aText )

>	example"> example


PA, Onnay Equitursay