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On 15-Aug-05, at 2:44 PM, Florian Berger wrote:

I thought that stripping HTML tags was easy until I saw something like this:
<a href=""; alt="> example"> example </a>

That would be non-trivial to handle with a regular expression, although I think it is possible.

However, you would have quite a bit of trouble with some other legitimate HTML constructions, particularly comments (<!-- I left out the <p> tag here -->) and embedded javascript. If you want a bullet-proof html parser, you should probably use a tokenizer.

s = string.gsub(s, '<.->', ' ')

This might prove to be a bit faster, but it would fare no better with the alt=">.." example:

s = string.gsub(s, "%b<>", " ")

I'm not convinced by the substitution of a tag with a space, though. The following sequence is not rendered with a space: <b>over</b>-specified