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Hi all,

Are there any plans to provide more support for
functional-style programming in Lua?  Lua is
already equipped with anonymous functions and
closures, so the question seems reasonable.
I know of the work being done within the Lua
standard library effort, but I was thinking more
along the lines of syntactic support for function
composition and partial application.

A particularly useful form of the latter seems to
be what is called a `section' in Haskell, or a `bond'
in J.

For those that do not know: a section is a syntax
form for a partially applied operator.  Say, (/e) and (e/)
in Haskell are equivalent to
function (x) return x/e end   and
function (x) return e/x end   in Lua.

Similarly, given, in Haskell, a function  f x y
of two arguments x and y, then (`f` y)  and (x `f`)
(equivalent to the non-sectioned  f x) are sections
of f w.r.t y and x, respectively.