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Hi Uli,

Thanks for the pointers you provide.  I'll have a look at
them some time soon, I hope.  But where I mentioned
`relevant work' I really meant relevant work for Lua.  Sorry
for being not enough specific.  I just had the impression
that other people have attempted similar things for Lua,
so I was curious what they were.  Anyway...

As for `the other camp', where you belong, I know you
have your arguments and I respect (and even share some
of) them.  So, let me say once more, I am _not_ trying to
convert anyone, although, of course, I still prefer going my
way. :)
Moreover, I suspect there will always be these two camps.
And perhaps this is for good.

On 8/12/05, Uli Kusterer <> wrote:
> ...something this extreme in the "concise" end of the scale...

I don't get the meaning of the quotes above, but as for being
extreme ... well, that is slightly exagerated, I guess.
Please take a look here:
or here:
(links to J), and here:
(a link to K), and also here:
(plenty of examples, mostly in K).
You might want to reconsider your opinion on the extremities.
And, please note, J and K are not at all toy languages.

Finally, since you are a fan of the wordy languages, you will
be probably delighted to see: .