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 we are using Lua as a basic means to control the flow of our
application. That means we are definitely not using it to it's full
potential but hey, perhaps some day ...

Now I was wondering if there are any tools around which actually
generate Lua ?

I was thinking of some sort of flowcharting software with a configurable
backend which could be used to generate the Lua code?

I looked at kivio which can be used to generate XML but I am not sure if
it is easily possible to use the XML code to generate Lua?
I looks promising in the way that you could create your own stencils so
you could wrap your own functions up into a new flowcharting element.

I didn't really want to go down the Xfig route because at some point we
were thinking of giving it to customers and those people are normally
used to a Windows interface so Xfig might seem a bit alien to them.

Has anybody any thoughts about that or any pointers to configurable
flowcharting tools?