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Now that I have coroutines up, i can pause them, resume them, create them, have many in parallel. Now, all i need is to learn Lua!

So my question is, once i spawn a coroutine, is its environment its own? For example:

i = 0
while i < 10 do
   print("Sleeping 1", i)

i = 0
while i < 10 do
   print("Sleeping 2", i)

And when i spawn them both at the same time i get this:

Sleeping 1, 1
Sleeping 2, 1
Sleeping 1, 2
Sleeping 2, 3
Sleeping 1, 4
Sleeping 2, 5
Sleeping 1, 6
Sleeping 2, 7
Sleeping 1, 8
Sleeping 2, 9
Sleeping 1, 10

So i guess it that both coroutines share the environment where 'i' is stored, or am i doing something wrong when i'm newing the coroutines?

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