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On Aug 7, 2005, at 18:40:25, Rici Lake wrote:
If the new threshold is less than the byte counter, then Lua immediately runs the garbage collector. In particular lua_setgcthreshold(L,0) forces a garbage collection. After the collection, a new threshold is set according to the previous rule.


thank you. I knew I had read about a function to do this in the official API somewhere, but with all the new stuff assailing me I just couldn't find it anymore.

Note: I believe this interface will change with Lua 5.1.

Hmmm... how often do changes like these happen? I already saw that apparently the binary format for compiled code changed in the past, and I'd be interested in knowing how much of a priority backwards compatibility is in Lua development? Of course I can always just stay with 5.0 or whatever version I'm currently using, but of course that would cut me off from any new features and bug fixes.

In particular, how likely is the compiled file format to change again? It would be rather handy if I could ship compiled scripts because they wouldn't be as readable as plain text.

-- M. Uli Kusterer