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Wim Couwenberg wrote:

> I've polished my fiber library for Lua 5.0.2 a bit, added some basic
> documentation and put everything on my web site.

Very nice work, Wim!

Followers of this thread may also be interested in the GetThreadContext
and SetThreadContext functions in the Win32 API. These functions allow
an application to implement coroutines and are supported from Windows
95 onward. Presumably, fibers are built on these.

Panagiotis E. Hadjidoukas has written a small C library which
implements the basic Unix ucontext_t routines in Windows using these
functions. I've written a small proof-of-concept using it and Lua 5.0.2
and the results are encouraging. Hadjidoukas's code and summary can be
found at

Kurt Jung