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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> That seems nice. A simple scheme would be simply a function call
> like   compatmode5_0() or something like that.

Well, if 'simple' can cut it.

Python has a fairly elaborate scheme with forwards and backwards
compatibility, deprecation warnings and 'from __future__ import'
and whatnot. Well, you may ask ... what's wrong with it?

I have three different Python versions plus a complete copy of
its huge library installed. Because this or that program or
library just doesn't like this or that version. And I have
absolutely no clue (and no intention to find out) what breaks
when I delete one of them.

Ok, so now you need to support an elaborate compatibility scheme
_and_ you need to have different versions on disk. Dang.

BTW: I think I can install around 100 copies of Lua in the space
     needed for one copy of Python. Way to go.

> (e.g., compatmode5_0("longstrings") would set compatibility only
> for long strings/comments...)

Well, there's a chicken-and-egg problem with this one. The parser
bails out before you can run the chunk to tell the parser that
it shouldn't (and a global flag doesn't cut it).