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(...) Delphy have no default, although if you say nothing inside the function the variable can yet be global but cannot be local, so they seem nearer to a "global by default". Perl and JavaScript have global by default.

Hmmm.. I really don't want to be boring, but.. The name is Delphi, and the language is Pascal (or better: Object Pascal, not the old Turbo Pascal). Delphi is for Pascal what Visual Studio is for C[1].

	About the scoping:

In Delphi: If you don't declare a variable inside a function/procedure, it could be:

- A global variable;
- A class/record/etc member (field);
- A global variable from another unit;

In case of name collision, the compiler will choose the nearest declared/visible (I think it is the same behaviour of C).

In Lua: In the beggining I thought it was boring having global by default, but then I got used to type 'local' and I'm quite happy now, specially because it is faster :)


[1] I'm really (really!) sorry, but a lot of people think that Delphi is the language, and it is interpreted as Visual Basic. Both are wrong.