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Good idea, Russell.

I think that, in this case, I must design the scripts
to act as a state machine.

Thanks for the tip!

> On Aug 4, 2005, at 1:03 AM, Jose Marin wrote:
> > Yes, I was thinking on use coroutines to do this,
> but
> > perhaps there is some way of implement a script
> that
> > has sequencial tasks, and some taks take a little
> to
> > complete.
> Another option (depending on your design) is to have
> the walk(), fire 
> ()... command sequence queued up on your C/C++ side
> (not everything  
> needs to be written in Lua ;-) --- sometimes easier
> to develop and  
> debug if your app can be driven from C/C++ easily.
> Then when the action queue runs dry just call the
> Lua script to get  
> more actions.  If an action fails (a door closed and
> the walk command  
> can't finish), then clear the queue and call your
> script (possibly  
> with a action_failed parameter) to figure out a new
> action.
> Hope that hints at another solution.
> Russ

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