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This mail I forward on behalf of Nikolas Bowe.
I edited it slightly.
Message Follows:

regarding your patch to allow C++ exceptions:
I checked the docs and /GX is supposed to be equivilant to /EHsc. so
you only need to compile everything with /EHsc-
Also on visual studio 7.1 (aka .net 2003) you can right click on ldo.c
and change its properties to compile as C++. this saves you from
changing the name. matter of personal taste I guess.
You mentioned that you wondered what gcc did.
I tried a small C source file that I put try catch into and compiled
it with "g++" instead of "gcc" (3.4.1) and it worked perfectly.
I didnt try to throw the exception through code compiled as C (ie
compiled with "gcc") though.
so at the worst case the only thing you have to do is to compile
everything with "g++" instead of "gcc".
(this assumes of course that the information at is correct and lua builds
cleanly as C++)
Looking at the docs for gcc at
suggests that if you dont want to compile all of lua as C++ but still
want to use C++ exceptions thrown through the C code then you need to
compile ldo.c as C++ (ie with "g++"), but all the other C files you
can compile with "gcc" if you use the "-fexceptions " switch
Thanks again for your post.
Nikolas Bowe
Infinite Interactive