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Got Kepler, installed it, ran Xavante and it just works - very nice job with
the installation and packaging. Couple of odd things I noticed are:

1) I have Apache running on port 80. After starting Xavante, my homepage
changed to that of Xavante's even though Apache was still running. I suspect
that is because of address reuse setting somewhere in the code. I am not sure
if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Currently I am leaning towards erring
on the safer side and that is to issue a warning in the log file and refuse to

2) Next I changed the port number to 8080 in conf/xavante/config.lua and
restarted Xavante. And accessed the site like this:
And I get 'The connection was refused when attempting to contact
localhost:8080' message from FireFox. This is the case for pretty much any
other port excepting the default (port:80). Is this a known bug? Or am I
missing something with the configuration....

Vijay Aswadhati