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On Tuesday 02 August 2005 2:26 pm, William Trenker wrote:
> What is the "proper" way to reload a module on the fly?  I am running
> Xavante and have a custom handler that uses a module.  I want to be
> able to change the module's source code and have the changes re-loaded
> automatically without stopping Xavante.

i think in your case it's easier to use loadfile() instead of require()

something like:

local lastT = 0
local lastFunc

function getScript (n)
    local attr = lfs.attributes (n)
    local t = attr.modification
    if t > lastT then
        lastFunc = loadfile (n)
        lastT = attr.modification
    return lastFunc

then you just call getScript(), and it'll reload your module only if it has 
been modified.


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