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Thanks, Romulo.. I look for that.

is there any easy way to save and restore the table database?
or will I need to write it out key and value, and read them all
back in?

On Aug 2, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Romulo Bahiense wrote:

    Try the following, if I understood your problem correctly.

-- 1)

for name,value in pairs(database) do
    print('TableKey:', name, 'TableValue:', value)

-- 2)

table.foreach(database, function(name,value) print(name,value) end)

-- 3)

local name,value = next(database)
while name do
    print(name, value)
    name,value = next(database,name)

    BTW, search the list about 'serialization'. It may help you.