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On June 24, 2005 - Michael Roth wrote:

> > [blah, blah, blah... ]
> Why you doesn't simply tell the truth? Your motivation is to make
> money, regardless of the benefits of your "certification".

Since when is making money a bad thing? Or am I missing a point here?
> According to your website a "High-Level Certifications Lua Practice
> Exams" will cost 60$ and the exam itself will cost 150$.
> Total amount 210$. A lot of money for your "High-Level Certificate" in
> respect to 60 multiple-choice questions to be solved in 2 (!!!) hours.
> Additonally only 33 correct answers are needed to pass your "High-
> Level
> Certificate"...

Great. I think they should charge more so that Lua suddenly becomes a
'premium' language that the 'clueless' rush to get certified
'cluelessly' just because....

> Some citations from:
> > Understand how to declare, instantiate, and use a class.
> > Understand how to create and use instance methods and variables.
> > Understand how to create and use class methods and variables.
> If you try to certificate lua programmers, shouldn't you know that in
> lua there aren't any classes? There are only tables and some syntactic
> sugar... There also no such thing as "instance methods and
> variables"...

This is nitpicking at best. All of the above concepts can be emulated.
> In my opinion, your "certificate" is pratically worth nothing!

Of course you have a right to your opinion! 

In my opinion, not that it matters, everything has a place and there's a
place for everything. 

Personally, I think certifications provide a great filter for hiring
those 'minions' - who by the way are very much needed in large numbers
for large projects.

Vijay Aswadhati