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A new version of LuaInterface is available. LuaInterface is a library
for integration between the Lua language and Microsoft .NET platform's
Common Language Runtime (CLR). LuaInterface is a full consumer of the
Common Language Specification (CLS), so Lua scripts can use
LuaInterface to instantiate CLR objects, access their properties, call
their methods, and even handle their events with Lua functions. Any
CLR program can also use LuaInterface to run Lua scripts and modify
the scripts' environment. Get LuaInterface at or

What's new in version 1.3.0:

LuaInterface now works with LuaBinaries Release 2
and Compat-5.1 Release 3 ( The loader DLL
is now called luanet.dll, and does not need a luainterface.lua file anymore
(just put LuaInterface.dll in the GAC, luanet.dll in your package.cpath, and
do require"luanet").

Fixed a bug in the treatment of the char type (thanks to Ron Scott).

LuaInterface.dll now has a strong name, and can be put in the GAC
(thanks to Ivan Voras).

You can now use foreach with instances of LuaTable (thanks to Zachary Landau).

There is an alternate form of loading assemblies and importing types
(based on an
anonymous contribution in the Lua wiki). Check the _alt files in the
samples folder.

Fabio Mascarenhas