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Just for the record: the Lua team has no connection with the certification
company and does not endorse the certification. We have not been asked by
them to approve the tests nor do we want to. On the other hand, we do not
recommend against the certification or the company. For all we know (which
is very little), it's a serious company providing a service.

I don't know how the industry sees or values certifications. Perhaps
Lua certifications are helpful for some cases. The fact that a Lua
certification has been announced is good news because it shows that Lua
skills are important to the industry.

I'm not saying that the announced Lua certification is good or bad. For all
I know, it seems ok. However, I think it's best to let the market single
out those certification companies that are useful and reliable. In other
words, there is no need to certify certification companies (just like there
is no need to really certify Ph.D. granting bodies; you just know where the
good ones are.)

It's really like a book. You buy it and check it out. Or someone recommends
it. Or someone recommends against it. That's how some books are success and
some are not.