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Sorry if this has been asked and answered properly, I did some searches and
didn't find specifically what I was looking for..

I'm having trouble getting local variables from scripts.
The only reason I wanted to do it was to make it easier for my script writers,
by letting me populate global tables from script local variables.

I've messed around with lua_getfenv but I get a nil variable back.  Does this
look even remotely correct?

-- in lua script i have --------
local SELF = {}
function SELF.onDamage( )
   -- do some stuff

// in C i have
luaL_loadfile( pLua, buffer );
lua_getfenv( pLua, -1 );
lua_pushstring( pLua, "SELF" );
lua_gettable( pLua, -2 );

Thanks in advance.

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