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Rici Lake wrote:

On 15-Jun-05, at 10:39 AM, Diego Nehab wrote:


Just to toss this out:

Are you using D3D, or something else that plays with the FPUCW?

This is amazing... thanks for the link. I *am* using D3D, and although I
don't plan to run my app for more than a few minutes, someone else might.

It is amazing... the things that happen on a Windows platform :)

Single-precision is going to give you microsecond precision up to 16 seconds and millisecond precision up to about four hours; that might be enough, but it seems unnecessary. (Also I suspect that it is not relevant how long the application has run, but rather how long it has been since the machine has rebooted, but I really know zip about Windows so I could be wrong.)

Yes, the value in the counter is from when the CPU started. I used the trick of subtracting off the value of the counter when the CPU started. But even with this, 4 hours to millisecond resolution is not acceptable in our app!

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