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Asko Kauppi wrote:

I've been thinking about UTF-8 and Lua lately, and wonder how much work it would be to actually support that in Lua "out of the box". There are some programming languages (s.a. Tck) that claim already to do that, and I feel the concept would match Lua's targets and philosophy rather nicely.

I understand UTF-8 might not be everyone's favourite, but it is mine. :) And having a working framework (str:bytes(), str:length(), str:width()) could easily be adopted to other extended encoding schemes as well.

The reason I'm bringing this up right now, is that the issue could suit nicely with the 5.1 "every type has a metatable" way of thinking; would it warrant an opportunity to have a closer look at what Lua means by 'strings' (or rather, their encoding) anyhow?

The only thing important for me (or.. end users in general?) would be not to have two different ways for strings. "Hello" and L"Hello" should not be necessary, imho. In UTF-8, they aren't.

I have been working with Unicode for many years now. And I believe that it is much better to handle string internally as full unicode (wchar_t) character strings. It is very cumbersome (slow) to perform operations like length, insert, and other string ops on UTF8 strings. I would really like to see Lua changed to allow compilation for char* or wchar_t* strings.

I am using Lua with my app and I am doing lots of conversions between char* and wchar_t* strings because my app uses wchar_t* for its internal string representation. I have nice classes (String and UTF8String) to convert between the two, but it is slow.

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