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On 5/21/05, Andre Carregal <> wrote:
> Hi,
> The Package Compatibility (Compat-5.1) is a set of files which provides an
> implementation of the new package model of Lua 5.1 to be used in Lua 5.0.
> Compat-5.1 release 3 follows Lua 5.1 work 6 implementation.


Something I've been meaning to ask but kept forgetting. Could you
please include a short README or INSTALL file in the Compat-5.1
distribution that explains briefly how to install this thing? I mean,
what are we supposed to do with the .c and .h files? Compile it to
something? It's not obvious to newbies like myself. :-} So far I
simply move the .lua file to /usr/local/share/lua/5.0. Do I need to do
anything with the .c and .h files?