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> > which is due to the removal of the "for k in table" syntax.
> > Try "for c in next,mytable do"
> BTW, I'm probably way late to the discussion, but the removal 
> of the "for k in table" syntax makes default table iteration 
> ugly.  (I actually didn't know about it...)  Just my rather 
> sad opinion...

Can anyone point me to the discussion and rationale for this?  I've just
spent the past while searching the mailing list archives.  I must be
searching for the wrong keywords.

This really is concerning to me.  I tried to explain it to some people
today, and the immediate response was "What?  Why?  How does that help?"
Perhaps I can do a better job explaining if I actually understood why adding
the extra (ugly) syntax for basic table iterations makes Lua a better