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[Duped on the IcyNorth forum, but no response there - apologies]

I am using Lua 5.1(work4) on OSX 10.2.8 to load c modules using code thus:

LUA_PATH="./foo/temp1/?.so" -- as appropriate
foo = require("testcomp")

I will post the module code if required, but the module loads and works correctly if the .so is in the current working directory (the same directory where the above loading code is run from), but not if it is elsewhere, complaining of:

lua: test.lua:2: error loading package `testcomp' (./foo/temp1/ unexpected symbol near `?') [that's an inverse video ?]

A component built in another dirctory, then moved to the current working directory does works. Building command for components is:

g++ -noprebind -shared -bundle -o foo/temp1/ -I./include/ -L./lib/ -llua -llualib foo/temp1/testcomp.cpp

Im am using gcc v.3.4.3

I'm assuming its a missing compiler flag I need, as lua components do not have this problem; possibly the compiler doing something freaky with names? (all relevent methods have extern C linkage)

Any thoughts?


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