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Rici Lake wrote:

I did 3 tests. I loaded the strings, got back their char* pointers, then put them into the registry and popped them. Then I forced a GC and loaded the strings in the registry onto the stack and checked their addresses. They matched. Then I loaded those same strings again with new pushstring() calls, and they matched. Then I executed these two functions, in turn:

function _getabc()
    return "abc"
function _getlongString()
    return "AVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryVeryLongString"

Looking at the returned string values, the first one matched and the second one didn't.

As far as I know, that can only mean that either the long string got gc'd somewhere along the way, or that you mistyped it in the _getlongString function.

OK, thanks for making me go back to look. It was a stupid coding error on my part! They are all the same. So that's great. Now I've done a timing test between pushstring and rawgeti to push a string. I also tested pushlstring() to factor out the strlen() operation. I did 10 million iterations of pushstring(), pushlstring(), and rawgeti(). The results are:

              short string    long string
              ------------    -----------
pushstring()     2.9 sec        4.1 sec
pushlstring()    2.2 sec        3.3 sec
rawgeti()        3.1 sec        3.1 sec

So, hashing short strings that already exist is faster than rawgeti()! Since I expect most property strings to be shorter than 35 chars, I won't bother with doing rawgeti(). But I will still make an Atom class which will cache strings and their lengths and then allow those strings to pushed and compared.

I tried hacking this up in my app and saw a 50% improvement in performance!

Anyway, I can post the results if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the help...

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