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Hello to the list,

I try to cross compile lua and got a problem. Let me explain what I have done:

I want to use lua together with luasocket on an embedded PowerPc (a PPC405). There is Linux (2.4.18) running with busybox and uClibc. To make testing easier, I have a similar environment on an Intel system with a cross gcc for uClibc. After crafting (and testing) some lua scripts with the use of luasocket, I changed the lua makefile in putting a $(CROSS) before all tools. I also change the number representation to long, because the PPC405 has no FPU. Then I build a new lua propper for i386 and uClibc. I tested it with the examples (life, sieve ..) and it works. Now I changed the luasocket makefile in the same way. Everything compiles ok. But when I try to start my application, I got the following message

ulli@asterix:/home/luatest > ./lua testapp.lua
./lua: symbol 'luaL_checknumber': can't resolve symbol '@M'

. a lot more messages like this follow

./lua: symbol 'lua_settop': can't resolve symbol '@M'
./lua: compat-5.1.lua:68: Unable to resolve symbol
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function `assert'
        compat-5.1.lua:68: in function `require'
        socket.lua:13: in function `f'
        compat-5.1.lua:79: in function `require'
        sipsrv.lua:237: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Can anybody give me a hint what the problem might be

Thanks Ulrich Dziergwa