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the files starting with 't_' are templates. they're supposed to be modified by the install procedure.
Actually I did modified it. I've also renamed to 'start.lua', but said 't_xavante_start.lua' to everybody knows what I was talking about :)

xpcall() doesn't work well across coroutines; therefore coxpcall() is used to bridge them. unfortunately, most errors are lost, and _EVERY_ case turns up as an error in coxpcall(). usually there's a bit of stack info with the real error source. could you include the whole message?

Hmmm... I said the program crashs with no error messages. Maybe without my 'patch' to coxpcall I get something.

'arg' is an array automatically filled with any extra parameters beyond those indicated in a function definition; it's not a global var.

I know the 'arg' behaviour, but I thought it was only created when the '...' was present in the function header. coxpcall does not have '...'. And I think it wouldn't receive extras parameters because the original xpcall only receives 2: an anonymous function and an error function. Only [co]pcall receives arbitrary parameters. Or am I missing something?

definitely you shouldn't remove that line.


most probably any error message that might be generated was lost because of the change in coxpcall

Ok. My bad, but if I hadn't changed coxpcall, I wouldn't even be able to start Xavante.

luahttpd is very obsolete and deprecated. all development since several months ago is done for Xavante

	I know, but I had to test anyway :)

Thanks for the tips, but the problem is still open :(