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I've added Fink packages (OS X apt-get'ish installation system) to LuaForge. The packages are pending for approval from the Fink gatekeepers, but it wouldn't hurt to get some early feedback.

To recap:
	- Hamster is a Lua-based "make replacement"
- Lumikki is a Lua-based website generator (Lua macros within your HTML)
	- LuaX is an OS-agnostic scripting environment (Lua + sound & graphics)

To test these, copy the .info files from to /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo/
Then, simply "fink install hamster|lumikki|luax"

Hamster and Lumikki packages use the pre-existing fink Lua 5.0 package, they have absolutely no dependency on LuaX.