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I recently asked a question about a feature I would like to see in Lua - from one of the patches I came across. But I got no reply to that message. Is this the right list to be posting such things? I looked on the Forums and there didn't seem to be any more appropriate place there.

There are several small features I would like to see in the language. I see some similar things in the LuaPlus distro, but I would really rather not veer off from the main Lua source, if possible. This is especially true since incremental GC is of critical importance in my system.

I am, of course, happy to implement the things I need and submit them as patches if that is the appropriate approach.

I have been integrating Lua into my app for a few weeks now and I am very pleased with its simplicity, performance, and capabilities. I am integrating Lua with a C++, dynamically loaded object system. Its goal is to make it easy for non-technical authors to create multi-media content. We have a declarative language, somewhat like HTML or VRML, which will have Lua integrated for scripting and creating extension objects. In order to make the C++ and Lua well integrated and to make it easy for authors to write scripts for the system I need to add some of the features I have seen around the community.

Any guidance would be appreciated...

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