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Are you wanting to use the excel com automation? if so. 
you can just use LuaCOM and get excel's automation interface and
create/read/write grid cells using that ? it'd prolly make things much simpler
for you if you have that option available. 


--- Du¹an Majkiæ <dmajkic@sezampro.yu> wrote:
> Hi.
>  I'am looking for solution for Excel like formulas in grid cells.
>  After a lot of searching and reading, Lua seems perfect for the job.
>  One thing is still unclear in my head:
>  When I write in cell something like "=A1*1.5-SUM(B5:F5)" and when
>  that cell is recalculated, evrything after "=" should go to
>  lua_dostring().
>  What is the best way to represent cell values (eg. A1, B5) in
>  lua state?
>  Putting all references in table (from A1 to Z9999999)?
>  Replacing A1 with CellValue(A1) before doing lua_dostring?
>  Some way (callback func?) to dynamicly provide value?
>  This is still research. Any idea appreciated.
>  BTW.
>       Lua is cool software!
>       I almost forgot what simple, small
>       and fast software stands for. :-)

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