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 I'am looking for solution for Excel like formulas in grid cells. 
 After a lot of searching and reading, Lua seems perfect for the job. 
 One thing is still unclear in my head: 
 When I write in cell something like "=A1*1.5-SUM(B5:F5)" and when 
 that cell is recalculated, evrything after "=" should go to 
 What is the best way to represent cell values (eg. A1, B5) in 
 lua state?
 Putting all references in table (from A1 to Z9999999)? 
 Replacing A1 with CellValue(A1) before doing lua_dostring?
 Some way (callback func?) to dynamicly provide value?
 This is still research. Any idea appreciated.
      Lua is cool software! 
      I almost forgot what simple, small 
      and fast software stands for. :-)