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> If it was only made to be extended then making a single lua executable
> is fine. But assuming you want to continue with the tradition of lua
> being easily embedded into other programs then not making libraries
> would be a death-blow to Lua

Sure we want to keep that tradition. The question was whether people
that embed Lua use the standard library configuration. If most
"embedders" have to create their own libraries (e.g., to select standard
Lua libraries or to change number type) then it would be pointless to
create the libraries in a standard way.

So, to the next question, following the discussion of dll's:
is there any good reason to create two separated libraries
(liblua.a/liblualib.a)? Would it be better to create a single .a file
with the core and the standard libraries?

> As it stands; Debian replaces a chunk of the standard Lua makefiles in
> order to make shared objects properly.

As Mike already commented, do we really need shared libraries outside

-- Roberto