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what Java?  ;)

24.3.2005 kello 14:41, Adriano Ferreira kirjoitti:

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:05:33 +0100, PA <> wrote:
Alternatively, what about a Java written in Lua (same syntax, different
implementation)? 8^)

That should be pretty hard. Lua's design is minimalist, a virtual
machine with around 36 instructions, optimized for Lua organization.
Java's design has the damned primitive types (with well defined
types), support for threads and synchronization, and the compiled
bytecode form of Java programs is part of the specification which
tries to guarantee the same behavior everywhere. This does not fit
Lua's implementation very well. A Java written in Lua to the last
details would be a very boring and probably inefficient thing. But who
needs Java anyway?