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Rici wrote:

> By the way, I lied a little bit. You can actually specify
> the first iteration-key argument to the iterator function
> as well, but by convention iterator functions use nil as
> the "start of iteration" marker.

Here's an example that makes use of something other than
nil.  The following code iterates through all two-member
subsets of the Beatles; the trick is that the inner loop
starts partway through the table.

Beatles = {
  John = "rhythm",
  Paul = "bass",
  George = "lead",
  Ringo = "drums"}

for p1, i1 in next, Beatles, nil do
  for p2, i2 in next, Beatles, p1 do
    print(p1, i1, p2, i2)
  end -- for
end -- for


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