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Forgot the link to the new website. :) 


On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:27:29 -0800, Thomas Tong <> wrote:
> CPB bridges C++ and LUA, allowing the two languages to seamlessly
> communicate with each other.  It automates communication between the
> two languages with a minimal amount of integration and development
> effort.
> Key features
>  **  Transparently interact with user defined C/C++ classes,
> variables and functions from                         LUA.
> Automatically route C++ functions calls to LUA functions with the
> correct parameters and return values.
> Simple and straight forward integration requiring no modifications to
> existing class structures or separate definition data.
> Configure what variables and function to bind from LUA at run time.
> Change bindings requirements without recompiling you're the host
> program.
> Fast and memory efficient. Only requested bindings are generated.
> Adds the following new features.
> V0.05  Changes
> CPB now fully supports user defined C++ classes, structures and
> pointers.  It no longer requires a PDB file to function after the
> initial binding creation.
> New documentation -
> Support for User defined C++ structures and classes
> C++ Functions as well as C Functions
> Pointer support to structures and classes support
> Detailed Nested structures
> Deal with classes by value or by pointer
> Static and member function support
> Test app improvements